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We’ve all been there. Stuck in a jam. Desperately looking for parking. Frustrated and angry and late for a meeting. This reality has got us thinking – if traffic is everywhere, how can we unlock this jam to create better cities? In line with our campaign, Unlocking Cities Together, we created a parody of our daily commute to show just how absurd the traffic situation is.

In a fun way, the film makes an obvious statement – if we have too many vehicles on the road, traffic and parking problems are inevitable. But like any lm, there’s always hope for a happy ending. The solution is clear: if we share rides, we can contribute to unlocking traffic.

We worked with Boston Consulting Group to find out how car ownership has affected cities. They backed us with the research despite the rejection of other firms. The information that came back not only showcased the current problem, the projected effect, but also how ride share could be the solution to traffic in Asia. ​ Forsman & Bodenfors was tasked to conceptualise the launch film – a hilarious parody of what happens when there are too many cars/boxes on the road.

Integrated Regional Campaign

I worked on the campaign with a team of 11 people. Ensuring the messaging and art direction is consistent across 7 countries, 5 languages and all touchpoints.

OOH Media
PR and internal swag

We highlighted statistics from the research to educate the public.


Unlocking cities garnered a lot of free press in industry publications and was the top 5 most viewed YouTube film for a week. It successfully communicated the brand purpose clearly throughout the region. For the first time, public perception of the brand has significantly improved as evidenced by social media.

‘Boxes’ Trailers

We had a challenge to create fun teasers for the Uber BOXES film that would generate interest and curiosity.

We parodied various film genres into 6 and 10-second adaptations in teaser format, designed for Facebook and Instagram.

Roles and responsiblities

Creative Direction, Ideation, Art Direction and Video Production.

External Vendors

Film – Forsman & Bodenfors

Trailers – Frame by Frame

Microsite – MediaMonks

Special thanks to Uber CreativeX

Ashlynn Sum, Catherine Nyo, Celeste Ho, Hafizah Jainal, Jason Feng, Kaye Villar, Reinald Chee, Roopa Pious and Russell Teoh. 

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